Social System

Get Found Social is a technology that allows you to post your articles, press releases, Blog posts announcements, pictures and videos to the biggest and most popular social networks. Right where your customers are.

Get Found Social saves you time and money by allowing a single sign in. No more logging into facebook, then twitter, Google +, etc. All you do is write write or record your post and push a button. Get Found Social then posts your message to the most popular sites like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Blooger and many more. There is no third party branding added to your posts so you build your business not someone elses.

Get Found Social will publish a well formatted message to all of your social media accounts where your customer base is.

These posts work like magic in getting your site found in the search engines. And, they are completely within the guidelines set out by the search engines including Google so you can stop worring about a penalty ever again.